Friday, October 4, 3011


OCT. 4, 2011
 The recently retired IronMan, my buddy for 40-some years, toyed with the idea of flying planes as an adventurous means of exploring the world but ultimately decided on a more down-to-earth approach.
 Steve (Cap'n Casey) picked up this beautiful HR-46, the Liberation II, in Seattle and sailed her down to San Francisco, a temporary berth while he assembles his crew.
 Next week I'm flying out to help sail her down to San Diego where we will enter the Baja Ha-Ha, a lackadaisical two-week rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.
 On that second passage, the Baja Ha-Ha, we will enjoy the company and expertise of Cap'n Chip - a tried 'n true sailor having roamed the Bahamas on his S/V Tranquility - and Mike, an acquaintance of Steve.
 From Cabo she'll head to and through "The Canal" and eventually to her home port in Saint Croix.

10/24/11 San Diego to Bahia Santa Maria
11/02/11 Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas
11/06/11 Cabo to Nuevo Vallarta
01/28/12 Vallarta to Huatulco
04/29/12 Huatulco to Panama
10/30/12 Panama to Guatemala 
03/03/13 Guatemala to St. Croix